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Modified 15-Aug-16
Created 28-Jul-08
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For more information about these locations, visit my blog, Appalachian Treks. Please email me at [email protected] to order a canvas for your home or office.
Round BaldJane BaldRoan RhodosElizabethton Crossroadsyieldjumpmisty meadowquiet meadowilluminationunaka mountainglowing tree on unakaviaduct early autumnviaduct autumn skybass lake strollblue beautyautumn driveautumn woodsnovember palletesnowy trailwinter classic

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Mark, I really enjoyed your photos..especially your wildflowers..Great work
Mark your photos are so pretty haha, they make me smile and I hope to understand my camera well enough to do photos like this eventually. I do a lot of photoshop to help me out though. Anyway, I hope I meet you out on a trail sometime. My work can be seen at
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