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Created 27-Dec-07
Modified 20-Apr-15
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To see more nature photos, visit my blog, Appalachian Treks. Please email me at [email protected] to order a canvas for your home or office.

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Keywords:Bees, Bugs, Butterflies, Flies, Insects, Ladybugs, Moths, Reptiles, Snakes, Spiders, Wasps

In Flightwinged flowergreat spangled buttlerfliesCaught PrayingBusy BeeBlack Snakered eftAh GrasshopperBeing Greennature's accompliceelegant spiderhoney makerpre-flight monarchsittin' on a thistleall wet waspcicada closeupspiked spikergoldenrod borerHolding OnBi-Wing Dragonfly